WhiteClouds acquires 3DplusMe to scale 3D printing production

By Jordan Phelps

WhiteClouds, the largest full-color 3D-printing services company in the world, located in Ogden, acquired 3DplusMe, a leader in 3D capture-to-print branded experiences. Pleasant Grove-based 3DplusMe helps big entertainment companies build branded 3D experiences for their fanbase.

WhiteClouds handles approximately 70% of all full-color 3D printing production in the world for consumer products across the architecture, medical and entertainment sectors. 3DplusMe provides brands 3D capture-to-print technology for the top characters, toys, sports heroes, and video or movie characters of entertainment brands. WhiteClouds acquired 3DplusMe to create an end-to-end scalable solution for mass markets.

“3DplusMe has helped the world’s biggest brands create new products that engage customers through their one-of-a-kind technology for 3D capture-to-print,” said Jerry Ropelato, CEO of WhiteClouds. “Being able to combine both of our expertise furthers our position as the world’s leading provider for 3D services and technology. Through this combination, we bring the complete solution with our 3DaaS platform for brands and businesses, especially on the entertainment side, where demand is skyrocketing.”

WhiteClouds also added in 3DplusMe’s leading brand partners and retail distribution channels to its ever-growing portfolio. With this acquisition WhiteCloud will enable brands and channels to create 3D experiences and turn them into full-color 3D printed products.

“We’re excited to partner with WhiteClouds and become a key part of their success in consumer,” said Cydni Tetro, CEO of 3DplusMe. “We have an aggressive model for growth and partnering with WhiteClouds helps us scale our technology and empower more brands to use 3D-printing to create innovate products and engage their customers.”

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