You're Invited: Silicon Slopes Town Hall on Silicon Valley Bank Fallout

We'll be hosting a community town hall on the Silicon Valley Bank fallout Monday morning (March 13) at 9 AM.

The following leaders will be participating:

• Zions Bank CEO, Scott Anderson

• Larry H. Miller Group CFO, Ian McDonald

• Zions Bank Executive Vice President, Rob Brough

• Kickstart Seed Fund Managing Director, Gavin Christensen

• Zions Bank Vice President, Arthur Newell

• Former Vice Chair of the Federal Reserve, Randy Quarles

• Zions Bank Tech Banking Managing Director, Sam Clark

• Utah UDFI Commissioner, Darryle Rude

• Utah UDFI Chief Examiner, Shaun Berrett

• Utah UDFI Deputy Commissioner/Staff Attorney, Paul Allred

More participants will be announced soon. All those inside of the Silicon Slopes community are invited to join virtually.

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