Building the Pathways for Success, Community, and Equity | Sara Jones from InclusionPro

Welcome to another episode of the Silicon Slopes Podcast! In this episode, host, Clint Betts, meets with Sara Jones, CEO of InclusionPro, to discuss the crucial topic of diversity in the workplace. In their conversation, Sara helps to shed light on the transformative work she's spearheading through her company, InclusionPro. Brace yourselves for an insightful discussion that challenges preconceptions and paves the way for change.

Sara's passion for redefining workplace dynamics shines through as she articulates the essence of approaching diversity and inclusion with an open and receptive mindset. She believes that cultivating a culture of continuous learning is pivotal in dismantling biases and fostering inclusivity. Throughout the episode, she encourages leaders to critically examine their company cultures. It's not merely about ticking boxes, but rather about infusing fresh perspectives into daily routines, ultimately creating an environment where diversity fuels creativity and innovation.

The conversation takes an interesting turn as Sara addresses the misconceptions surrounding the politicization of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives. In an era where discussions on DEI have found their way into political discourse, Sara reminds us of the origins of these efforts. Originally conceived as tools for companies to chart new pathways to success, they have since evolved into instruments of societal change. By framing them as solely political, we risk losing sight of their intrinsic value in driving progress and evolution.

Drawing from her extensive experience, Sara imparts a crucial lesson on equity. She shatters the notion that equity equates to undeserved advantages for certain employees. Instead, she reframes equity as the provision of opportunities for all individuals to thrive in their roles, much like training for promotions or specialized roles. Sara's perspective highlights how DEI is a deeply personal endeavor, affecting each individual in unique ways. Her mission revolves around fostering a deep appreciation for diverse thought processes and promoting a culture of continuous learning.

In Sara's own words, "It's complex, it's nuanced, and I think it's really testing us as a society on whether or not we can really work towards the interest of everyone." This sentiment encapsulates the heart of her mission and underscores the challenges we collectively face in embracing diversity. As we navigate this intricate landscape, Sara serves as a guiding light, urging us to recognize the value of diverse perspectives and the power of creative learning.

So, buckle up for an episode that promises to broaden your horizons and challenge your assumptions. Join us in this riveting conversation as we delve into the depths of workplace diversity and inclusion with Sara Jones on the Silicon Slopes Podcast.

‎Silicon Slopes | The Entrepreneur Capital of the World: Building the Pathways for Success, Community, and Equity | Sara Jones from InclusionPro on Apple Podcasts
‎Show Silicon Slopes | The Entrepreneur Capital of the World, Ep Building the Pathways for Success, Community, and Equity | Sara Jones from InclusionPro - Aug 8, 2023
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