Vivint Smart Home Hits 2 Million U.S. Customers, Earns Spot on Newsweek's List of Most Trustworthy Companies of 2023

Silicon Slopes-based Vivint Smart Home is celebrating a remarkable achievement with the acquisition of 2 million customers throughout the United States. This milestone underscores Vivint's unwavering dedication to a customer-centric approach, continuous innovation, and a steadfast commitment to excellence within the smart home sector.

Since its inception, Vivint has been on an ongoing journey to redefine the standards of a modern smart home. The company's platform is characterized by its seamless integration, robust security measures, and remarkable intelligence. This sophisticated technology empowers customers to effortlessly manage their living spaces, enjoy heightened convenience and comfort, and find reassurance in the knowledge that their homes and loved ones are well-protected.

Notably, Vivint boasts an impressive customer retention rate with an average customer tenure of nine years. This achievement is attributed to the brand's relentless focus on enhancing the customer experience and delivering innovative, dependable solutions. To commemorate this significant milestone, Vivint surprised the 2 millionth customer with a fully paid system, further demonstrating the company's dedication to its clientele.

Furthermore, Vivint has garnered recognition for its exceptional performance with recognition from Newsweek as one of America's Most Trustworthy Companies. This accolade stems from an independent survey that involved approximately 25,000 U.S. residents. Respondents evaluated companies based on three pillars of trust: customer, investor, and employee trust. With a total of 95,000 evaluations submitted, companies headquartered in the U.S. and generating over $500 million in annual revenue were eligible for consideration. Each qualifying company underwent a comprehensive social listening analysis to assess the overall sentiment of social mentions, determining whether they were predominantly positive, neutral, or negative.

Said Rasesh Patel, President at Vivint, “Instilling trust and satisfaction is a top priority at Vivint, and we have worked hard to ensure that every aspect of our business is dedicated to earning and maintaining trust with our customers, as well as our employees. It is encouraging to see our efforts validated and we’re proud to be recognized on Newsweek's list of America's Most Trustworthy Companies this year – an honor that speaks to our commitment to transparency, accountability, and building strong relationships with those who rely on us.”

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