Domo Secures #1 Spot in 2023 Self-Service BI Market for Fifth-Year Running

Silicon Slopes-based Domo (Nasdaq: DOMO) has once again secured the top position in the Dresner Advisory Services’ 2023 Self-Service Business Intelligence (BI) Market Study for the fifth consecutive year. The report (now in its 8th edition) evaluated various vendors based on collaborative, governance, natural language analytics (NLA), Guided Analytics® features, and the ability to create a user-friendly environment for building and sharing insights in a managed and consistent manner.

Domo's data experience platform has proven to be a significant asset to users, providing self-service access and analytics capabilities. This empowers teams to extract valuable insights without overwhelming data teams while maintaining proper governance and control. The platform's focus on user-friendliness ensures that data can be put to work across all levels of an organization, allowing for more informed decision-making.

Dresner Advisory Services (founded by independent analyst, author, lecturer, and business adviser Howard Dresner) specializes in thought leadership for Business Intelligence (BI) and related areas. Their Wisdom of Crowds® research approach gathers data from users in various roles and industries, providing a comprehensive view of market realities, plans, and perceptions.

Said Dresner, "Self-service BI and Guided Analytics increasingly are deployed by organizations to leverage information resources and internal expertise to drive improved decision-making in a governed fashion. Since 2012 when we began our analysis of the self-service BI market, the industry has expanded to include a much larger pool of vendors. We congratulate Domo on its continued top ranking in our annual self-service BI market assessment."

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