Complete XRM Acquires Fanatic Software

Complete XRM CEO Keith Norris has been putting his own productivity tips to good use.

As you may have heard, Silicon Slopes launched a magazine earlier this month. The mag offered many gracious contributions from entrepreneurs, politicians, and venture capitalists within Utah — one of those contributors happened to be Complete XRM CEO Keith Norris, who wrote about effectively using productivity tips at work.

I don’t want to sound like some sort of evangelist, but those tips have to be true. At least that’s the conclusion I’ve reached after finding out the news that Keith has been doing more important things than writing Silicon Slopes magazine articles, he’s been putting his own tips into action — Complete XRM has acquired Fanatic Software.

In case you’ve forgotten, Complete XRM provides software systems to help manage businesses — not with a one-size-fits-all CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution, but with a system that molds and adapts depending on the client’s needs. Essentially, they determine the x-factor of your business.

Fanatic Software has been creating apps for 17 years in Cedar Park, Texas, and their x-factor has been the creation of the Pocket Informant productivity apps. As part of Complete XRM, they will continue to work and create using this same vision.

“Fanatic Software has built an excellent reputation with its products, and we have tremendous respect for the community of users that support Informant,” said Norris. “We’re excited to bring these two businesses with common purpose under one roof so that customers of both can benefit from the complementary capabilities that will be coming to each of their product brands.”

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