Sanus Biotech: A Boost Of Dopamine

“This is a startup — you roll up your sleeves and you do whatever has to be done to get things off the ground.” — CEO Tamara Castellano

In October 2016, Tamara Castellano was presented with an opportunity — come aboard at Sanus Biotech to help with marketing and attracting investors, then see where that heads. Boosted by her interest in mental health issues — the area of concentration for Sanus Biotech — Castellano agreed to the position.

Fast-forward to present day: Castellano is now CEO of Sanus Biotech, she’s still very interested in mental health issues, and she hopes that the combination of these two things can form the foundation of a successful business.

“This is a startup — you roll up your sleeves and you do whatever has to be done to get things off the ground,” said Castellano.

Now, Castellano isn’t coming to the table bereft of experience — she has run multiple startup companies before joining Sanus Biotech, so as her duties grow to encompass all the day-to-day duties of a CEO, she can draw on that knowledge.

This leads us into a logical question: What is Sanus Biotech? Great question, Sanus Biotech revolves around dopamine levels in the human body. Or rather, the lack of dopamine levels in the human body.

“The feeling of elation or happiness, that’s all created through dopamine,” said Castellano. “When you have low dopamine, you’re constantly finding ways to fill that void. This can manifest itself completely different in every person. You might have low dopamine and feel lethargic, fatigued, or tired. I might have low dopamine and feel like I can’t remember things, or feel unmotivated to get things done. In other people, it might create an addictive behavior to drugs, alcohol, or food.”

To help balance out low dopamine levels, Sanus Biotech has created a product called Synaptamine, a patented, all-natural supplement that helps fill the void created by low dopamine.

Synaptamine has been on the market since July 2015 and the creation process is very Utah-centric — raw materials are obtained in Utah, refined into nanowater in Utah, bottled by a Utah company, stored in a Utah-based warehouse/fulfillment facility, and then available for purchase through Sanus Biotech’s ecommerce platform.

“I think Utah is a good place to do business,” said Castellano. “I think there’s a lot of talent here, I think there’s a lot of growth in the biotech space, I think it’s a good time for a company like us to be here. With the talent and resources that we have in Utah, I don’t see any need to go outside of Utah — we have everything we need.”

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