Conservice Acquires ESG Platform Goby

Logan, Utah-based Conservice, the leading utility management platform for property management, has acquired Chicago, Illinois-based Goby, a comprehensive ESG platform.

Goby is a platform that provides a "comprehensive, intelligent, and intuitive platform for ESG management", according to the press release. Goby has coverage in assets under management (AUM) across the world.

The main focus at Conservice is utility services. According to the website, Conservice is the only utility management company in the country that focuses solely on utility services. "It's dedication and sole focus that makes us The Utility Experts."

Scott Hardy, CEO of Conservice, stated the following in the press release:

"The addition of Goby will enable Conservice to offer our clients a comprehensive ESG solution, from data capture, which is where we already excel, to analysis and disclosure."

This acquisition will be a "powerful combination the market has been waiting for", according to Hardy. Congratulations to both of these companies!

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