Callforce and More: Hiring in the Slopes

It's a hiring bonanza, and we're lucky enough to be here for it. Utah is rich with job opportunities, and companies like Homie and Xant, announcing large hiring pushes this year. You can take a look at the Utah Department of Workforce Services and see over 30,000 listing for jobs- it's an employment hotbed in the Beehive State.

In the last few weeks, Callforce became one of those massive-hire companies and let us know that they'd be looking to hire about 60 people in 30 days. Started in early 2017, Callforce has seen sharp upwards growth, primarily in the dental industry but with huge potential to reach into medical and others.

It didn't start as Callforce, and in fact, it started as a sinking ship on its way down. The owners at the time approached the still-students Cory Pinegar and Kasey Henson with a proposal and a plan. Cory and Kasey had solid jobs, but they saw the potential in the floundering business and decided to take the leap. They bought, revamped and rebranded, and Callforce quickly became the successful and healthy company we see today.

The steady growth has prompted hiring, and Cory is excited about the talent they can find both in and out of Utah.

"We're looking for growth-minded people who are willing to come in and put in the work to take their career financially and professionally to the next level," says Cory. "We have a lot coming down the pipeline, and we're really excited to bring in new people to help us."

To view the openings at Callforce, click here.

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