Cornerstone: Creating A Landmark Attendee Experience At Silicon Slopes Tech Summit 2018

Three years ago, I worked at Beehive Startups. We were in the process of putting together our first-ever “big” event: StartSLC, held in a random assortment of rooms spread throughout the The Gateway. Lacking employees or the services of an event production company, we made due with what we had, which was pretty much nothing. I set up chairs for two straight days. I cleaned up trash. I was the world’s least-intimidating security guard. I helped build the stage. I massaged the vocal chords of every speaker to maximize their boisterous voices. I baked homemade cookies and crumbled them gently into the mouths of every attendee. I did millions of things I was not qualified to do and in the end, learned a valuable lesson: our organization had great need for a world-class event production company.

Today, Beehive Startups has become Silicon Slopes. For the last two years, we have helped put on the largest tech event in Utah: Silicon Slopes Tech Summit, which attracted over 14,000 attendees to Salt Lake City one month ago. At the heart of this event is a world-class event production provider that calls Utah home, the intentional disruptors of events across the globe. Meet Cornerstone.

I will admit, I’m biased. I’ve seen Cornerstone work up close. I’ve seen them hang giant video screens from the ceilings, piece together a main stage that could make grown men cry, and conjure a gorgeous sponsor pavilion from thin air. I’ve drank their wine and sat through conference room meetings describing every stage of event production, then watched its execution. They are the masters of detail — stage, lights, video — with an appetite for disruption that knows no bounds.

If you’re wondering what went into building Silicon Slopes Tech Summit 2018, wonder no more. Today Cornerstone is debuting a website and video showing what went into creating the landmark attendee experience at SSTS18. I recommend you watch the video and contact Cornerstone using the form at the bottom of the page. Drink their wine and come to a realization: the event world is Cornerstone’s and we’re all just living in it.

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