Entrata Opens New Office In Lehi, Installs Giant Bus Inside

I have thoughts.

Yes, Entrata opened a new office in Lehi but the real story is a giant bus that now dwells within their building. I have many thoughts, but first you must watch this video to understand what’s going on:

First reaction: My job is terrible because I just walked around the office and discovered zero buses. I blame my boss Clint Betts, who coincidentally enough attended the Entrata opening ceremony and gave a few words of bus-inspired wisdom, all while wearing a pair of zesty red shoes. Until a bus arrives in the Silicon Slopes office, I will write no more articles for you, Mr. Betts — YOU ARE OFFICIALLY ON NOTICE.

Second reaction: Will anyone at Entrata get any work done? It’s hard enough for me to work when a bird flies by my window — imagine if the temptation existed for co-workers to seduce me into a bus stocked with Dance Dance Revolution, a backdoor slide, and a meeting room that will probably be used for employees to discuss things like, “How sick is this bus?” and “Should we just order lunch and have it delivered to the bus?” Work would not happen, I can assure you that.

Third reaction: Does Dave Bateman live in the top level of the bus? It is a double-decker after all and it would make sense that the CEO of Entrata would reserve the best space in the building for himself. According to a simple business equation, the higher up an individual is in an office, the more powerful they are. The second deck of a double-decker is thus the most powerful space within a bus, so it seems logical that this would be reserved for the leader of a company. Until I hear otherwise, let’s assume this is true.

Fourth and final reaction: What’s the next step? Once you’ve parked a giant bus in your office, where do you go from there? Am I writing about a new Entrata office in two years that features two airplanes and a cruise ship? Or the entire Entrata workforce gets individual offices inside Lamborghinis? Or maybe they go the minimalist route in five years and make their employees work in cardboard boxes with paper computers? There are unlimited options and I’m excited to see where this heads.

In less interesting but still pretty cool news, the new Entrata office has a host of other non-bus amenities: gym, yoga studio, concert stage, LED wall display, Coke machines (the drink, not the drug), and gaming tables.

But man, that bus…

“The resources, talent and economic infrastructure the Silicon Slopes has cultivated has been integral to our success,” said Bateman. “We can think of no better way to give back than to continue to build upon the momentum and ensure this area is not just a commuter community, but a place where families can come to live, work and play.”

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