“Sales leaders and sales people need to be able to predict the future, no magic required.”

Have you heard of this small little CRM platform that the kids are calling “Salesforce”? It’s no big deal, just the platform by which major companies the world over decide their fates. And often, those fates are determined by how well a company leverages Salesforce.

Rob Jeppsen, founder of Xvoyant, gets that. He’s understood that since his days of running sales for Zions Bank. “I remember when we rolled out Salesforce [at Zions],” Jeppsen says. “We got really good and focused on using salesforce to predict what happens.” When he says, “really good,” he means really good. Like, won 15 Stevie Awards good. And helped 70% of the sales team hit their goals good. But it took a lot of time and a lot of manual work that Jeppson knew he wanted to automate.

So he did. After leaving Zions, Jeppsen founded Xvoyant, which is best described as coaching technology embedded in Salesforce. If you hear “coaching” and think of a portly man with a whistle telling you to run laps — like I did — let Jeppsen explain. “Coaching is the process of creating consistency and processes for outcomes,” he says. “If you have coaching, performance goes up. Coaching drives engagement.”

Managers look to coaching as a way to get the most out of what they have. In other words, coaching allows for better sales numbers without bringing in more sales people, because coaching helps managers recognize the strengths and weaknesses of their teams.

Xvoyant, which is native in Salesforce, looks at all historical data to create predictive coaching plans. It also predicts the financial impact if the coaching plans are followed.

So, let’s say I finally chase my dreams and start a rubber chicken factory. And I become the very best, with distributors in every state. As the owner of Meg’s Rubber Chickens, historically, I haven’t known much about my sales data beyond who sold what. And in order to increase sales, my goals have always been tied to quotas. I want more though, and I don’t want to hire more sales representatives. So Xvoyant gives me a tool that I can access from within Salesforce that shows me all the activity of my sales teams. I can then identify who is coachable, what my key points are in the sales process, and where my losses are coming from. I can schedule coaching sessions and set goals and track both in Salesforce. And so with the help of Xvoyant, I make the cover of Forbes and then retire in the south of France. Thanks, Xvoyant!

The company currently has 15 employees and is growing fast with customers all over the country.” We’re really proud that 100% of the customers didn’t have a budget for this,” Jeppsen says. “We’re winning enterprise deals because the space for coaching is so strong and the salesforce utilization changes instantly.”

“I want to build a billion dollar company,” Jeppsen says. “I want to create technology that changes how sales leaders lead their teams.”

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