EventBoard Announces $13.5M Series B Round

This is a very strategic raise for us. We wanted to make sure we were aligned with the right partners, the right investors, at the right time.”

SLC-based EventBoard has announced the completion of a $13.5 million Series B round led by Nokia Growth Partners (NGP) with participation from GE Ventures, Greycroft Partners, Origin Ventures, and Zetta Venture Partners.

“This is a very strategic raise for us,” said Shaun Ritchie, CEO of EventBoard. “We wanted to make sure we were aligned with the right partners, the right investors, at the right time.”

EventBoard began as a simple app concentrating on solving conference room scheduling, quickly evolving into a full-fledged enterprise product doing the same thing on a much larger and more efficient scale. Today’s announcement marks the third wave of funding raised, topping off a $1.5 million seed round in 2014 and a $6.5 million Series A round in 2015.

To supplement the funding news, EventBoard is also releasing a new feature called Desk Booking, allowing companies to connect unused areas/desks with employees searching for a place to work.

“A lot of companies are moving to a hot desking or office hoteling-type environment, but they need a system to manage and reserve them,” Ritchie said. “There’s an element that is really, really critical for us and our customers. They need to understand how their space is being used. What kind of tools, what kind of rooms, what kind of spaces, what kind of resources are needing to be booked?”

In following with Beehive Startups tradition, I’ve composed a funding poem. Please enjoy.

A Place To Meet

I need a room 
a place to meet 
with my entire team.

Securing a place
 is easier said than done
 leaving my team and I 
staring through glass 
at another room 
claimed by another team 
at another room 
slipped through our fingers.

If only a weapon existed 
secret tools to alleviate 
all room management scenarios 
I could calmly schedule 
to my heart’s content 
and finally, at long last 
have a place to meet.

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