Hallo Launches New Spanish Feature for Language Learners in Utah

Today, Hallo, a language learning startup based in Provo, Utah, announced the launch of Spanish on its mobile app. Previously, Hallo has solely focused on offering English to its users. Now, the app will enable Spanish learners to get connected with a native speaker to practice and speak anytime.

The Hallo app is designed to connect language learners with opportunities to practice with native speakers in seconds and now has over two million English learners practicing speaking on its app. The company is now expanding to an even larger audience by offering Spanish, the fourth most spoken language in the world, to its platform.

Joon Beh, CEO of Hallo, stated that the company will focus primarily on Spanish learners based in the U.S. who are seeking to improve their skills, specifically Spanish learners in Utah. Beh said, "Utah is the hub of language learning, and there are so many passionate language learners wanting to become fluent and brush up their speaking skills."

Hallo’s platform is simple: learners select a subscription plan based on how often they are wanting to practice with native speakers per week, and then they have the option to speak on-demand or schedule a lesson for later. This component makes it easy for learners to find convenient times to practice their speaking skills and makes the product very unique.

Wrote Beh: "Our Spanish launch is the signal of our plan to help not only English learners but also help all language learners going forward. Certainly, we will launch additional languages such as Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, and more in the near future, so we can eventually help all learners become fluent and be the language learning app that everyone talks about."

Learn more about Hallo and the new Spanish Feature here: https://www.hallo.tv/spanish/

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