Startup Yoodlize Expands to Hawaii

If you are like me, you purchased a cap and gown for your graduation; however, a couple of years have gone by and the cap and gown are just collecting dust. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to rent tools, prom dresses, and vehicles?

Enter Yoodlize. Yoodlize is a rental-service company that functions similarly to Airbnb, but instead of real estate, its common things. Ever want to try photography, but don't have the cash to purchase a nice camera? Now, you can just rent it!

Ever since Yoodlize launched three years ago, these services were only offered in Utah; however, after sending a team to the Rainbow State, Yoodilize is officially expanding its services to Hawaii.

Why Hawaii? Well, Hawaii is a tourist location. Just last year, Hawaii had over 1 million tourists visit the state. Traditionally, the only people who would benefit from tourists (other than the state's economy) would be resorts and, more recently, Airbnb hosts. Yoodlize empowers locals to also benefit from the tourist industry by allowing them to rent their items such as paddleboards, surfboards, scuba gear, and much more.

So if you are planning a trip to Hawaii or wanting to check what Yoodlize offers, please download the free Yoodlize app on iOS, Android, and at the Yoodlize website,

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