Four Utah Startups Take the Court at All-Star Weekend

Four Utah-based startups took the stage in the first ever NBA Foundation Pitch Competition.

In partnership with the Utah Black Chamber, four of Utah's Black-owned businesses competed for the chance to win an equity-free investment of $50,000 if their startup was selected.

Over 200 people packed room 150A at the Salt Palace Convention Center and prepared to hear a cohort of experienced, Black Entrepreneurs pitch their startups. Eight total startups took the stage to present and pitch their various startups; four of which were home-grown, Utah based startups.

Four Utah-Based Startups

Jenna White, Owner of Empire Body Waxing took home first place and $50,000 of equity-free prize money.

The judging panel was comprised of local and global leaders:

The Utah Black Chamber partnered with the NBA and the NBA Foundation to host the NBA Foundation Pitch Competition as part of this year's NBA All-Star Week hosted in Salt Lake City.

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