Ivanti Acquires Concorde Solutions

LANDESK and HEAT Software combined to form Ivanti, now they have acquired Concorde Solutions.

For the ninth time in five years, Ivanti has completed an acquisition. This time it’s Concorde Solutions and what’s touted as the market’s most powerful software asset management (SAM) platform, a sure boost to the already-existing IT expertise of Ivanti.

“By bringing together Concorde’s software licensing expertise and Ivanti’s asset intelligence and endpoint management capabilities, we’re providing customers total asset management from a single point of control,” said Steve Daly, Ivanti CEO. “Due to our close collaboration over the past year, we will be able to offer customers immediate access to the enhanced portfolio of solutions.”

If you’ll recall, Ivanti is the recently-formed union of LANDESK and Heat Software, two portfolio companies of Clearlake Capital that were combined into one. Ivanti had over 1,600 employees prior to the Concorde acquisition and that figures to grow, especially with Ivanti showing no signs of slowing down on the acquisition front.

“Software asset management is a critical discipline for any enterprise today and the team at Concorde has done an extraordinary job of addressing increasingly complex areas of IT governance, control and operational efficiency,” said Andy Burton, Concorde chairman**. **“We look forward to seeing the combined business having an even greater impact in providing much-needed solutions for complicated asset decision-making processes in the enterprise IT estate.”

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