Accela Expands Footprint in SLC Region with New Office Space

Accela recently announced it is expanding its presence in the Salt Lake City region. Accela opened its Draper office in 2017 and has continued to grow its workforce and capitalize on the region's deep technology talent base. Because of this growth, Accela will be moving into a larger office space and begin building a new customer support and customer training facility.

Accela, the leading provider of cloud-based software for governments, provides market-leading SaaS solutions that empower state and local governments to build thriving communities, grow businesses, and protect citizens. Accela's expansion will allow it to continue attracting the talent in the SLC area.

"Accela is proud to be investing in the Salt Lake City region and building our team with top talent to best support our products, customers, and partners," said Jack Reid, Accela’s Vice President of Technical Support. "Our new office provides us the elbow-room needed to not only attract incredible talent but to develop a world-class training center that will enable us to offer technical training to customers, partners, and employees around the globe."

Accela's growth will allow it to increase its current capacity. Accela will be equipped to add roughly fifty more employees and host up to sixteen different classes of lab-based technical training in its new technical training center. The new office will also include a gym and cafeteria to support employees.

To learn more about Accela's new office in Salt Lake City and how you can get involved, check out the recent Silicon Slopes Meat & Potatoes podcast with Accela's Draper Vice President of Technical Support, Jack Reid.

For more information about Accela, click here.

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