Amp Human Announces $1.5M Contract with US Air Force

It’s 2020, and technology touches our lives more and more as each day goes by. From the food we eat- ordered on an app, to the clothes we wear- with a new, advanced moisture wicking fabric, in one way or another, we got there via some amazing technological advancement. Technology has allowed us to be better, stronger, and faster, and we’re discovering more about ourselves and our capabilities every day. Amp Human, a Park City, Utah based human performance company, is on the forefront of technological advances in the performance realm, believing “Every human is limitless”.

We’re all familiar with the soreness that comes either during or after a hard workout. Muscles that are worked at max for long periods of time build up lactic acid, giving you that sensitive, tight feeling in your glutes when you’re ready to sit and rest after a series of squats or sprints. What gets rid of acid? Bicarb. Similar to the baking soda in your cupboard, bicarb neutralizes acid and clears the way for your muscles to continue their work unabated. So how do you get the bicarb to your muscles? Amp Human found a way. Their flagship product, PR Lotion, takes bicarb and transfers it through the skin to your muscles, meaning that before or during your workout, simply rub the specially formulated lotion on your muscles for a better, stronger, and faster workout.

Amp has worked with many performance athletes, including olympic athletes, NBA/NFL/NHL athletes, and triathletes from around the world. Users have had remarkable results, and now Amp Human is excited to announce a $1.5 million Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract by the United States Air Force through the AFWERX innovation program. This announcement comes after a successful Phase I and a desire for more.

“We’re proud to be partnering with the Air Force for the next 18 months on solving this human performance challenge in hydration. Pushing the limits of human performance is core to our business and we look forward to enhancing the experience of aircrew,” Erica Good, Chief Operating Officer

The application that is being explored through this partnership between Amp Human and the US Air Force is a hydration specific human performance issue for the Air Force. Hydration and also dehydration are important components when it comes to flying long-range. PR Lotion could address tactical dehydration in a way that is better for the human body both physically and cognitively.

The Amp Human team is working to create human performance products that target problem areas for elite athletes, high performance individuals, and those working with the Department of Defense. The new contract with the Air Force will allow funding for further research, improvement of current products, and technological advancement with new products.

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