Apply For Pluralsight's Create The Future Awards & You Can Win $50K


I must say, Pluralsight is doing some very cool things. They recently went public to rave reviews, causing CEO Aaron Skonnard to be compared to Lebron James. They announced Malala Yousafzai (winner of the Nobel Peace Prize for her inspirational work as a human rights advocate) as the keynote speaker of Pluralsight LIVE 2018 on August 28-30. And now Pluralsight is debuting the Create The Future Awards to be presented at Pluralsight Live, with $50,000 on the line.

"Innovation can come from anywhere," said Brett Barlow, Chief Brand Officer of Pluralsight. "So many disruptive products deserve their shot at success. We launched the Create the Future Awards to celebrate these changemakers and give them an opportunity to present their ideas to the Pluralsight LIVE audience, VCs and technology thought leaders. Pluralsight is all about helping people build amazing things with technology, and this contest is an extension of that."

So, the details:

  • Pluralsight is looking for technology's best kept secrets. Anyone with a startup or product is encouraged to apply, with application deadline set for August 1.
  • Finalists will be chosen from the application pool on August 8, with all finalists receiving travel/entry to Pluralsight LIVE and the opportunity to pitch their idea on August 29 before judges and LIVE attendees.
  • The winner receives $50,000.
  • For additional information or to apply for the Create The Future Awards, visit here.


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