Announcing the Return of Beehive Startups and StartFEST — Utah’s Original and Largest Startup Event

Beehive Startups announced today that StartFEST, Utah's original and largest grassroots startup festival, will return June 16-17 after a five year hiatus. The two-day virtual event will be solely focused on Utah’s startup and small business ecosystem and will be filled with insightful panels, collaborative workshops, and some of the state’s leading entrepreneurs and business leaders.

While Silicon Slopes Summit will continue to be the business and tech community’s flagship conference and be a more national event, StartFEST will be 100 percent focused on the local startup ecosystem, with speakers and panels that will address the issues and challenges Utah entrepreneurs encounter.

“The Utah startup community has grown exponentially since the first StartFEST in 2015 and we’re excited to be bringing it back,” said Clint Betts, co-founder of Beehive Startups and Silicon Slopes. “Over the years we’ve had so many people within the community reach out and ask us to bring StartFEST back due to the value they found learning and networking amongst their peers.”

StartFEST speakers will include entrepreneurs, investors, leaders, and small business owners throughout the state of Utah. The festival will also bring back its original startup pitch competition, Start Madness.

In addition to the return of StartFEST, today marks the official relaunch of Beehive Startups spotlights Utah startups, organizes events tailored to the startup and small business community, and reports on Utah entrepreneurs — focusing on their latest ventures, lessons learned, and greatest achievements.

For more information about StartFEST, visit If you are interested in speaking at StartFest, you can submit an application here. Find the first Beehive Startups newsletter at

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