Bevy Raises $6.4M


Startup Grind began as a global community for entrepreneurs and has grown into chapters in over 400 cities. Needing technology that could manage community events in a simple yet effective way, Startup Grind co-founders Derek Andersen and Joel Fernandes teamed up with Alex Bendig to build exactly that: Bevy, an enterprise community events platform that was spun out into it's own company in 2017.

Today, Bevy announces $6.4 million in funding from Upfront Ventures, Aaron Skonnard (Pluralsight CEO), Jared and Ryan Smith (co-founders of Qualtrics), and Steve Blank.

“Bevy is positioned to help companies build customers and brand through scaling community events,” said Derek Andersen, CEO of Bevy. “Our team has been solving this problem since
2010 and we are thrilled to build a product for marketers looking to create deep relationships with their customers. We help companies spread their products and values through rich in-person interactions.”


You might have noticed a new and improved Silicon Slopes website powered by Bevy. Go ahead, check it out. I can wait. Explore some of the regional chapters in Ogden, Cedar City, Price, or Farmington. Explore some of the community chapters in blockchain, venture, sales, or product. Browse through any of our events like Startup Conversation, Town Hall, Breakfast, or Live. The possibilities are endless.

Andersen (CEO) and Fernandes (CTO) will move forward as executives at both Bevy and Startup Grind. In addition to Startup Grind and Silicon Slopes, Bevy already works with a host of clients including Atlassian, Duolingo, Docker, and Evernote.


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