D.A. Davidson Raises $106 Million in Bond Funding for Infrastructure for Black Desert Resort at Entrada

Financial services firm D.A. Davidson has closed a $106 million bond funding for funding public improvements for a 278-acre new resort community under development in Ivins, Utah.

According to the company news release, Black Desert Resort at Entrada is "... on the southeast side of Ivins in Washington County ... approximately one mile south of the Snow Canyon State Park entrance, 7.5 miles northeast of the city of St. George in ... southern Utah (near Zion National Park)."

"Black Desert’s Resort Center will accommodate guests in its 148 hotel rooms and 299 hotel condominium units and feature a 200-acre, 19-hole golf course, miles of nearby trails, a wellness spa and 46,160 square-feet of restaurant and retail space.

"Future residents of the community will reside in the Residential Village, planned for 32-single family estates, 783 condominium units and approximately 214,000 square-feet of commercial space, with the amenities of the Resort Center made accessible to residents."

The new funding will pay for such public improvements as

  • Roads,
  • Utility improvements,
  • Irrigation improvements,
  • Boardwalk,
  • Pedestrian bridge,
  • Parking structures,
  • Trails/trailheads, including parking and bathroom facilities.

"Construction on phase one of the (Black Desert) development commenced in 2020. Full buildout of the commercial and residential resort is anticipated in 2027."

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