Bottega Joins Forces with Silicon Slopes

This morning, John Bowers, director of partnerships for Silicon Slopes, welcomed Bottega as the newest member and a Title Sponsor of Silicon Slopes.

“We are thrilled and honored to have Bottega be part of Silicon Slopes! They are transforming education and the transfer of skills.” said Bowers. The feelings were mutual: “We look forward to accelerating the good we are doing transforming lives, organizations and communities. Silicon Slopes can help us do that,” said Eric Wold, Bottega CEO and co-founder.

Bottega has a bold vision. They have trained over 40,000 software engineers. Bottega’s learning platform maintains quality and results for students all over the world. But that staggering statistic is still far from Bottega’s ultimate vision. “We are confident that by 2024, we will be training 80,000 engineers per year,” said Wold.

"The need is great. The current demand for skilled developers is already near one million and still growing rapidly in the United States.” Wold continued, “This goal has always been at the core of what we do - to provide opportunities to anyone who wants it.”

The partnership with Bottega helps accelerate the technology growth and prepare for tomorrow’s economy. Fili Ledezma, president of Bottega, recognizes the team effort: “Governor Herbert gave us the economic climate and pro-business and education policies that set the stage. Bottega is grateful for all the support from local private and government institutions.”

Ledezma went on to explain: “Our decision to join forces with Silicon Slopes happened almost organically, as we discovered that many of our graduates were being hired by companies in the growing Utah tech community.”

Bottega strives to create opportunity for those who have the ambition to turn their dreams into a reality. Speaking about individuals looking to become engineers Ledezma went on to say: "I don't look at your background (positive or negative); rather, I care about your passion, determination and hunger."

“Our partnership with Silicon Slopes will only accelerate the good we are already doing,” said Shayne Roy, director of client engagement for Bottega.

For more information about Bottega and the recent partnership with Silicon Slopes, contact Shayne Roy:

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