Breeze Airways Opens Training Center in Salt Lake City

Breeze Airways, a Cottonwood Heights, Utah-based company, is taking niceness to new heights. Known for its "Seriously Nice" business philosophy and equally gratifying low-fare, non-stop flights, David Neeleman, founder and CEO of Breeze Airways recently announced plans to open a new Breeze Training Academy in Salt Lake City.

Breeze Airways flights are on sale at and via the Breeze app. Image downloaded from the company website 050222. 

“It’s really exciting to open our Training Academy less than a year after our first flight,” Neeleman said in a press release. "Combined with our partnership with ATP, we are well-positioned for continued growth and network expansion.”

Built to accommodate up to 200 pilots, flight attendants, technical operations teams, and instructors, the new facility can easily house six full-motion flight simulators, four flight training devices, aircraft escape slides, door trainers and an aircraft cabin cruiser.

The center is equipped with offices, classrooms, briefing rooms, and an Embraer 190 flight simulator for pilot training. According to the company's press release, an Airbus A220 flight simulator will be added this summer.

Upon reaching 1,500 hours of flight time, instructors transition to Breeze as Embraer 190 First Officers after completing the Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program with ATP. Breeze Airways partnered with ATP Flight School to provide a streamlined pathway for ATP graduates. Image downloaded from the company's press release 050222.

Since May 2021, the Breeze Airways app offers passengers affordable flight options with seamless booking, no cancellation or flight change fees, and reusable flight credits.

For more information on Breeze Airway's flight programs, visit

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