Click Click BOOM- Clicklease Raises $63M Series A

Digitalization is creeping across almost every industry, spreading its tendrils into even the most unlikely places. But some businesses get bumped over, unable to capitalize on technology and capture the customers they need to. Fintech is a particular piece of technology that boost a business in a hurry.

Clicklease, headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, takes the headache of traditional financing and makes getting funds just a click away. Many times small business owners are frustrated and stressed about the application process when looking for financing. Documents, statements, and then more documents are required, and the process can be long an arduous. Clicklease technology gets funds in the hands of business owners as well as their customers in less than three minutes. Yes, three, you read that right.

Clicklease is headed in a great direction, and has recently announced the closing of a $63 million Series A led by Sandlot Partners. The funding will allow further investment in their technology as well as the growth of their team.

Clickety-clack, Clicklease moves up up up the track. To learn more, visit

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