Coding Campus rebrands to V SCHOOL with new course offerings, acquires Startup Dojo

By Jordan Phelps

Coding Campus, a Provo-based international coding school, has announced their rebrand as V SCHOOL. Along with the reband, V SCHOOL is offering an expanded student services suite and a new Salt Lake City location starting summer 2016. Additionally V SCHOOL acquired Startup Dojo, a co-working space in downtown Provo.

“We’re really excited about the growth that we’ve seen with Coding Campus to date, along with the impressive accomplishments of our students, staff and alumni,” said Michael Zaro, CEO of V SCHOOL. “As we’ve grown and expanded, we realized that we are more than a traditional bootcamp, both in and outside of the classroom.”

The new name was inspired by the school’s roots as Coding Campus originated out of software development firm, Verisage. The growing student, alumni, and community groups locally and internationally also influenced the rebrand.

To support this growth, V SCHOOL has added Mo Reeder as Chief Marketing Officer and Victor Villa as Director of Curriculum. Reeder previously worked at DevMountain as the General Manager and Chief Creative Officer. Villa is the Executive Director of Utah Open Source and the founder of Open West, the largest open source conference in the Rocky Mountain Region.

“We are excited to have a great team, alumni base, and network of community supporters who are helping us take leaps forward towards our mission of redefining the way we approach education,” said Zaro.

The new Salt Lake City campus will be open for classes beginning June 2016. The new course offerings include a full-stack immersive JavaScript class, a Python/Django class and a front-end development class. V SCHOOL will also offer career services for students and alumni and scholarships for students who have previously attended another coding bootcamp.

“We are doubling down on our already impressive student outcomes in the classroom by adding lifelong career support,” said Zaro. “We are expanding V SCHOOL into new local and international markets in addition to expanding our course offerings.” 
With the acquisition of Startup Dojo in Provo, the school will offer it as the first free co-working space in the region. They will open it for anyone in the community to work and interact with other members in an open and collaborative environment.

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