Cypher partners with Cisco to implement voice isolation software

By Jordan Phelps

Salt Lake City-based Cypher announced a new partnership with Cisco Systems to implement voice isolation software for the Cisco Instant Connect clients, which includes municipalities and one-to-many first responders who need call clarity. The new technology isolates the voice and blocks out background noise.

“At Cypher, we have spent the past three years perfecting a new method for achieving breakthrough voice isolation performance in noisy environments,” said John Walker, Cypher’s CEO and co-founder. “Cisco’s Instant Connect solutions are a perfect fit since they are often used for voice traffic by first responders in extreme environments where being understood can be a matter of the highest importance.

Cypher’s new technology isolates the voice and ignores background noise without relying on specific hardware, infrastructure upgrades or network compatibility. The technology uses math, neural networks and pattern matching techniques to detect the speaker’s voice and also to identify and ignore the background noise.

“By isolating specific elements of human speech, our technology can eliminate virtually all background noise, improving voice clarity and speech recognition performance in a much more affordable software-based solution,” said Walker.

Cypher is now officially a CISCO Solution Partner. As a member of the Solution Partner Program called Devnet, Cypher can develop and execute solutions to increase the effectiveness of Mission Critical Push to Talk software such as Cisco Instant Connect.

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