DataBank Opens a Sixth Data Center in SLC

When you hear about tech and cloud-based software, it's easy to think this data is just floating around somewhere, waiting to be called up and float down to the user. As fun as that sounds, it's not really the case. All the data lives somewhere, and that's where physical locations like DataBank come in.

In order to hold all the goods, data centers must be state of the art facilities with all the amenities needed to keep things powered, cool, dry, and secure. Working on their sixth building, DataBank has all of those things and more, allowing them to cater to both large enterprises and small businesses.

DataBank provides colocation, cloud, and network services in all of its locations, and with its growth, hopes to continue the growth of the Silicon Slopes community.

"We are proud to provide our customers with the reliable IT infrastructure they need to create a limitless digital future for their business," said Raul Martynek, CEO at DataBank in a recent press release.  "This expansion aligns with the company's commitment to enterprises with workloads of all shapes and sizes, from high-density hyperscalers to local small businesses that do business on the edge."

We're all about bringing more capabilities to the businesses large and small in Silicon Slopes. Congrats on the growth DataBank!

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