Dealertrack DMS Opens New Office in Draper

March 28th marked an important day for Dealertrack as they cut the ribbon at the entrance of their new DMS facility in Draper, Utah. Based in New York, Dealertrack is part of the Cox Automotive family which helps transform the way people buy, sell, and own cars. Dealertrack DMS provides software solutions which instill confidence in dealers and lenders necessary to thrive in the constantly changing automarket.

This opening comes at the heels of the announcement of Mandi Fang as the new vice president and general manager of Dealertrack DMS. The new 112,000 square foot facility will house 500 team members working to build and improve upon the software that Dealertrack DMS provides. Randy Kobat, senior vice president of Dealertrack DMS, described this software as "the SAP or salesforce of automotive retail." He emphasized that Dealertrack is in it with the dealerships. "We're not yelling instructions from the shore, we are in the boat rowing with them and it is a point of differentiation for us in this market," Randy explained.

Draper became the perfect place for Dealertrack DMS to expand. Mandi explained, "Companies are moving here and we believe we are as high tech - we are changing the industry in what we do and we fit beautifully here." Dealertrack DMS aims at becoming more involved in the community. They don't just want to be bystanders - they want to leave a legacy of giving back.

Having been named for the second consecutive year to the Women Tech Council's 2019 Shatter List, it's no surprise that Dealertrack DMS places a heavy emphasis on diversity in their company. Randy mentioned the support Dealertrack DMS recieves from Cox Automotive: "Diversity inclusion is not just a goal of this office, it’s a goal of Cox Automotive. We have a $20 billion company behind us really devoted to making sure that we’ve got a great diverse background because it only makes our business better."

Dealertrack is here in Utah and here to stay. Mandi concluded with a powerful statement, "This is an incredible start for us in this building as a team and we will do some great things here. We’re in it."

Learn more about Dealertrack DMS and job openings here.

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