Domo Files For IPO


At Silicon Slopes Tech Summit in January, Qualtrics CEO Ryan Smith predicted we would see at least 3 IPOs in Utah this year. We're halfway through the year and Smith's statement is 2/3 of the way true, with Domo filing for IPO last Friday to join recently-public Pluralsight as 2018 Utah IPOers. I'm assuming Qualtrics will be next, even though a woman I know told me never to assume anything - I don't care, some assumptions seem so logical they must be made.

The story of Domo is well-known: the 8-year-old analytics brainchild of Josh James, former Omniture founder ( sold to Adobe for $1.8 billion) and current dancing ninja. The rise of Domo has been shrouded in partial secrecy, but that changes with their books now open to public scrutiny. What that means remains to be seen, though the number of shares and pricing offered has not yet been determined.

Additional reading on Domo's IPO filing:


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