Employees Say Non-Monetary Compensation Accounts For 43% Of The Value They Get From Work.

Maybe it's not all about the money.

In fact, Utah-based employees in the technology industry said that up to 43% of the value they derive from work comes from non-monetary compensation.

At least that's one of the conclusions from Understanding Non-Monetary Rewards In Utah, the latest White Paper published by a team of researchers at Brigham Young University's Marriott School of Management based upon data gathered in 2021 for the Silicon Slopes Human Capital Study.

According to Human Capital Survey data, the percentage of value employees derive from non-monetary aspects of work tends to decrease as salary increases. Chart downloaded 04 April 2022 from the Understanding Non-Monetary Rewards White Paper.

Among other factoids, this White Paper also pointed out that

"Lower paid employees tend to report that a large percentage of the total value they receive from work comes from non-monetary aspects of work."

Counterintuitively, however, the White Paper also shares that the value of non-monetary compensation actually rises with age instead of decreasing.

Data from the Silicon Slopes Human Capital Study shows that, in general, the percent value derived from non-monetary compensation tends to rise with age and not decrease. Table downloaded 04 March 2022 from the Understanding Non-Monetary Rewards In Utah White Paper.

All of which suggests that perhaps Pink Floyd got it wrong when it released "Money" in 1973.

AUTHOR'S NOTE:  Over 40,000 participants of Silicon Slopes events during the prior five-year-period were invited to participate in a survey about their perceptions of company culture and the job market, with over 1,700 usable surveys received, with the results of this Study published in April 2021.

The White Paper referenced herein was written based upon data derived from this Study.

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