Entrata's New CTO Jason Taylor

He might be new at Entrata, but the freshly appointed CTO Jason Taylor certainly isn't new to the role. With over 2o years in the tech space, Jason started at Novell and worked up the ranks, continuing on to Omniture, MaritzCX, and most recently as the CTO at Podium. To say he has experience is like saying Utah has a few air problems- huge understatement.

In a recent press release, Entrata CEO, Adam Edmunds, said, “Jason is one of the most gifted leaders and technology innovators that I’ve ever worked with, and has developed breakthrough, customer-centric ideas that have dominated several markets.”

Lehi, Utah-based Entrata has done well establishing itself as a leading property management software, serving more than 20,000 apartment communities and processing around $2 billion in rent payments each month.

You'll be busy Jason, and we're rooting for you.

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