Entrepreneur Of the Year Awards Gala 2019

Last month, some of Utah's finest gathered at the Grand America to cheer on the finalists for this year's Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards. Inspirational acceptance speeches, music from The Gold Standard, and deafening blow horns (smuggled in by proud friends of the finalists) added to a fun, uplifting evening.

The finalists were separated into eight different categories. Each category highlighted the three finalists, and then a winner was announced. In the Business Services category, Principle Executives Eric Farr and John Wade of Brainstorm, Inc. accepted the award. Papa Pita Bakery Founder & President Farzad Mohebbi won in the Consumer Products and Services category. Direct to Consumer category award went to Sandi Hendry, Owner of Minky Couture LLC. Visible Supply Chain Management President Casey Adams and CEO Jared Starling won the award for Distribution and Manufacturing. The Fashion Retail award was given to Co-Founder Klyee Champlin and Co-Founder & CEO Chad Champlin of Roolee. Chris Conard, Regional Executive Director of Playworks Utah, accepted the award in the Social Entrepreneur category. Co-Founder & CSO Dennis Steele and Co-Founder & CEO Eric Rea of Podium Corporation Inc. won in the Technology category. Kory Stevens, CEO of Taft, finished out the night with an emotional speech as he accepted the final award for the Emerging category.

It was a night filled with excitement as Utah companies were highlighted for their great achievements. We can't wait to see what all the finalists accomplish next, and look forward to another great round of companies next year.

To learn more about the Utah Region program, please visit ey.com/us/eoy/utah_region.

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