Experticity announces a merger with ReadyPulse

Experticity and ReadyPulse announced their merger today that created the first online and offline influencer marketing platform. The new company provides consumer brands the first scalable and turnkey solution to build meaningful relationships with people who are trusted resources on what to buy.

“Consumers are actively turning away from traditional advertising, seeking their own information about what to buy,” said Tom Stockham, CEO of Experticity. “To tap into the true power of influencer marketing, brands can’t buy a one-time post on the equivalent of a social billboard. Instead, they need to make genuine connections with passionate experts who are inspired by the brand and go on to inspire others about what to buy and how to get the most out it.”

The merger created the largest community of influencers so that brands can provide recommendations during all phases of the buying journey to enhance brand awareness and increase sales. Both companies champion genuine connections between influencers and the brands they love which made for a natural alliance said the companies in a statement.

“It’s clear that people trust people, not ads,” said Dennis O’Malley, CEO of ReadyPulse. “The combination of Experticity and ReadyPulse provides a powerful, simple solution for marketers to infuse social proof into every phase of the consumer buying journey ­ from online social awareness to in-store purchases.”

By Jordan Phelps

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