File it Right with eFileCabinet

If you’re sitting at your desk right now, take a look around. Are there papers everywhere? Bills, important documents, forgotten invoices? Maybe you’re a stacker, and as long as all those papers are in neat stacks, it feels tidy… until you can’t remember which stack you put that one document in that you need right this minute. How about your car? Stray papers stashed between the seats, in the sun visor, or thrown on the seat next to you? How about your computer desktop? Covered with random files? The struggle. Stash those papers in a neat and orderly way, digitally, with eFileCabinet.

We live in a fast-paced world where time is money. Finding information shouldn’t have to take time away from what you need to get done. In our paper-centric world, whether it’s physical paper or digital documents, it’s hard to stay organized. eFileCabinet allows you to get to the right information quickly, so you can do what you need to be doing. Not only is the software set up like an actual drawer filing cabinet system, they also offer many automated systems to cut out the work.

“Business is a process. There are operations within your business that have to be followed and oftentimes that requires forms, paperwork, and agreements,” says eFileCabinet CEO Jesse Wood. “It’s a process to care for the customer in the way you need to.  We use workflow tools and intelligent organization tools to speed up all of those things that can be done with processes inside your organization. We help you get back to the work that matters most. We remove the cumbersome work, allowing businesses to get back to optimal operational efficiency.”

eFileCabinet has experienced steady growth, and in early September announced the closing of an $11.5 million Series C funding round. This funding was led by existing investors Allegis Capital and Signal Peak Ventures, which are now joined by Camden Partners, Allegis Nippon Life and Oquirrh Ventures. eFileCabinet is also pleased to welcome Todd Sherman of Camden Partners to its board of directors. The funding and addition to their board will help the company continue its growth and client relations.

Responsible growth and a strong team is something that Jesse knows has led to the success of the business. “I could not be more proud of our team,” says Jesse. “We’ve got tenacious people and we’ve been careful to grow in a way that works toward profitability. Our team is why we are where we are and they’ve formed great relationships with our customers year in and year out. Our team has had intelligence in what we need to build product-wise to make the right fit for our customers. We’ve continued to grow because we provide a valuable service to our customers, but it’s our team that really helps them know how to do that.”

To learn more about eFileCabinet and how their team can help your business, visit

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