Fishbowl & BrainStorm Partner To Produce Top G2 Product Award

Fishbowl, a Silicon Slopes-based company specializing in inventory, warehousing, and manufacturing processes, has received recognition as G2's Highest User Adoption product in the Implementation Index for the second consecutive time. Fishbowl praised their partnership with another Silicon Slopes-based company (BrainStorm) as key to success: "Fishbowl is honored and can attribute this award to our strong partnership with BrainStorm Inc., our latest tool that facilitates implementation by providing customers with comprehensive video tutorials on how to utilize our platform, as well as addressing a wide range of frequently asked questions."

Fishbowl chose to incorporate the BrainStorm platform into its customer onboarding and training processes, considering it as the foundation of their operations. By educating clients from day one on the capabilities of their software, BrainStorm helps enable Fishbowl's clients to gain comprehensive visibility into their warehouse and manufacturing workflows, streamline integrations, and accelerate business growth.

By leveraging BrainStorm, Fishbowl immediately delivers value to its clients by providing them with the necessary knowledge for success right from the start. Instead of relying on clients to attend training sessions, follow instructions, and ask questions, Fishbowl adopted a customer-led implementation process using BrainStorm. The dynamic learning flows and automatic personalization features of BrainStorm empower Fishbowl to:

  1. Enhance the relevance of onboarding for clients, ensuring that the information provided is tailored to their specific needs.
  2. Decrease the time required for clients to complete the onboarding process, enabling them to start benefiting from Fishbowl's solutions more quickly.
  3. Reduce the effort needed to assist clients in getting started with the software, simplifying the transition and minimizing obstacles.
  4. Increase the adoption of Fishbowl's products among clients, maximizing the value they derive from the software.

Fishbowl's partnership with BrainStorm has proven instrumental in achieving high user adoption rates and securing recognition from G2. By leveraging BrainStorm's capabilities, Fishbowl aims to continue providing exceptional services to its clients, enabling them to thrive in their respective industries.

Eric Farr, BrainStorm Principal and Executive Officer, said, "We’re thrilled to see Fishbowl awarded for their efforts to create a best-in-class customer experience and we’re honored by Fishbowl’s recognition of BrainStorm. This reaffirms the BrainStorm commitment to giving organizations the automation they need to successfully onboard and train clients at scale."

Additional reading on BrainStorm:

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