Giddy Announces $6.9M In Funding

For the average person, crypto is about as easy to understand as differential math equations. The logistics and technicalities of crypto can be a bit intimidating and overwhelming, and that’s why a large number of us don’t even dip our toes in it. But is crypto the way of the future? Quite possibly, yes. So how do we navigate? With helpers like Utah’s DeFi masters, Giddy.

Giddy, founded in 2021 by Eric and Ethan Parker, takes some of the struggle out of the crypto puzzle by providing an easy to use mobile app platform to trade, earn, sell, or buy cryptocurrencies. The good news is that the user-friendly app and the entire company are getting a boost with a recent round of funding, announced April 18th.

Fortnite co-creator Geremy Mustard took part as a strategic investor in the round, which saw participation from Pelion Venture Partners, Peak Capital Partners, Clarke Capital and other strategic partners focused on building Web3.

With any kind of banking, but especially, it seems, with crypto, everyone is worried about security. With cryptocurrency, your private key is your most important asset to protect. Using Giddy’s smart wallet, “...the private key is split and individual shares are encrypted and stored across multiple locations controlled by the user. If one share is lost or compromised, the user’s private key will remain safe since multiple shares are required for recovery. And, with Giddy’s MPC technology, users can recover their wallet even if they lose a recovery share by following a few simple steps.” (Giddy)

“From day one, our mission has been to provide fast, safe, and easy access to DeFi for everyone, regardless of their technical skill,” said Eric Parker, CEO of Giddy in a recent press release regarding the funding. “We believe blockchain technology will play a major role in democratizing access to wealth-building and economic freedom for everyone. We’re thrilled to be leading the effort in making this accessible for the mainstream, and are grateful to our investors and supporters in helping us bring this vision to life."

If you’re still scratching your head and these terms are foreign, you can get a little more insight from my 3-part crypto series written for The Post, here, here, and here. In preparation for those articles, I interviewed Giddy founders Eric and Ethan, which was super insightful as well as a good time.

To learn more about Giddy, visit

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