Huckabuy Welcomes $2.3 Million Dollar Seed Round

The all important acronym SEO- Search Engine Optimization, is a big deal in the tech world. Businesses are constantly trying to understand how consumers search for information and how to favorably drive traffic to their business’s website. Huckabuy, a SaaS company based in Park City, Utah, brings a new technology-based approach to the way we understand SEO.

Huckabuy started with founder and CEO Geoff Atkinson, who previously held the position Senior Vice President of Marketing and Analytics at Having been well versed in all things SEO, Geoff had the know how and drive to do something a little bit different. After a few turns, bumps, and a big pivot, the software company Huckabuy was born.

Huckabuy’s SEO platform leverages key Google initiatives - including dynamic rendering, page speed, and structured data markup - to queue up the fastest, most efficient crawling experience for search engines. This optimized communication with search engines, in turn, drives significant organic channel growth for all types of business and organizations.

Over the last five years, Geoff has led the company to work with major brands like Salesforce, SAP, and Concur, and the average customer using Huckabuy’s software experiences a 62% growth in organic search visits 12 months after partnering. Huckabuy has been growing rapidly and has recently welcomed a $2.3 million seed round. The funding was led by Album, along with Kickstart Seed Fund and ForwardVC, and will take this successful, bootstrapped business to the next level.

“We’re really enthusiastic about this funding, and we’re excited to invest in our business - particularly in marketing. We’ve flown a little bit under the radar for the last few years, and we want to really get our name out there and help businesses reach their potential,” says Geoff.

In addition to the funding, Huckabuy now has announced two new members to the board. Robson Grieve, CMO of Pure Storage and former CMO of New Relic, and Diogo Myrrha, General Partner at Album. This new three member board gives Huckabuy a strong foundation going into the future.
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