Hyperquake and Slopes Serves Announce Winners for Their Creative Sprint Giveaway

Hyperquake, in partnership with Slopes Serves, proudly announced the winners of the Slopes Serves + Hyperquake Creative Sprint at StartFEST.

Entrepreneurship isn’t just about taking chances — it’s also about giving chances.

This giveback initiative brings an innovative program to serve Utah’s entrepreneurs, and helps bring the story of their vision to life.

Silicon Slopes is the heartbeat of startups and brave business leaders across our diverse and vibrant state. Hyperquake recently planted its roots here in UTAH after being founded by a husband and wife in Cincinnati in 1986.

Since then, Hyperquake has developed a passion for guiding companies, from startups to fortune 100s, find their truth and Build Connected Customer Experiences.

This shared mindset resulted in a partnership program to help give back and do more for the Utah startup community.

This unique new program provides Utah-based startups the chance to receive professional creative services from Hyperquake and support in crafting their brand’s strategy, story and execution at no cost to them.

In this first year, dozens of applications were received and in-depth interviews were conducted with the top finalists the week of June 13. After learning about the creative and storytelling needs of two separate finalists in different stages of their businesses, the judging panel saw an opportunity to make an impact on the business of both of these impressive entrepreneur groups.

The first startup connected with the judging panel by sharing their unique origin story. At their current stage, the business is on their journey of pitching for funding and developing their platforms and consumer strategy. The Hyperquake team saw a great opportunity to work with these founders to articulate their inspiring story of two brothers who started their innovative genomic data company through adversity.

The second startup impressed the panel with their creative brand ideas, and will benefit from the experienced team at Hyperquake to help develop their go-to-market strategy for their consumer launch. The goal of this initiative is to make a true impact on the business of the chosen winners, and to support the startup community through these partnerships.

Slopes Serves and Hyperquake are proud to announce the first recipients of this inaugural program: Geneial and Krado.

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