Impartner Acquires Referral Partner Management Software Leader Amplifinity

The world of Partner Relationship Management (PRM) is a rapidly growing field that is becoming increasingly important in today’s market. Indirect sales make up a huge percentage of a company’s revenue, so understanding where, why, and how customers purchase is paramount. But how does a business collect this data? With so many ways to refer, browse, click, try, and buy, tracking these numbers can be problematic if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Enter the revenue hero- Impartner.

Born in California but rooted and grown in Utah, Impartner has been around for over 20 years. This somewhat long-time business experience, coupled with cutting edge software, has given Impartner the ability to grow at breakneck speed, especially in the last four years. From 23 employees in 2015 to over 200 today, Impartner is changing the way companies gather and translate data.

We chatted with CEO Dave Taylor about the role of Impartner and how it can take a company that is having a hard time with growth and increase profits without changing much of what they’re doing. He explained that while businesses typically have good control of their direct sales, their indirect sales are a sort of “black-box” that needs to be cracked. By using Impartner’s tools, solutions, and software, indirect sales information is easily accessible and readily available.

“Companies spend a lot of time and effort trying to find an extra 1% growth. Now, all of a sudden here is a lever you can pull that spits out an average 32.3% revenue growth. Because of the way we automate the tasks that they’re having to do to manage their channel, along with the 32.3% increase, there’s a 29% decrease in time and administrative costs in managing the channel. So, we make it easier to manage, fewer resources required, revenue steps up, and 78% of the companies said we made them more competitive in their market,” said Taylor.

Impartner’s recent acquisition of Amplifinity, the leader in referral partner management software, sets Impartner up to be the leader in “shadow channel” partners, which are expected to be on the forefront of the industry in the next few years. The acquisition includes Amplifinity’s unique referral software, adding another tool in the toolbox Imparter brings to the workplace. There are exciting things in the pipeline, including a partnership with tech giant Microsoft, further validating the company and it’s sharp upward mobility.

In a recent press release, Taylor said, “PRM has an unparalleled ability to accelerate revenue over nearly any other decision a company can make. It’s incredibly rewarding to see customer after customer use Impartner PRM to transform the performance of their channel in a way that ensures it’s viewed as a valued revenue producer and not a cost center.”

Impartner brings a concept to the marketplace that is unlike anything in the world, and we’re excited to have it here in the Silicon Slopes.

Learn more about Impartner here.

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