Ivanti Welcomes New CEO Jim Schaper

“The Power of Unified IT”
This phrase is the heart of Ivanti. So what does that mean? Well, for a lot of us, the things that Ivanti does seem like another language. “Extend SCCM with third party patching” might not be everyday language for most, but these kinds of phrases help our daily lives much more than we realize.

In an ever emerging and changing digital workplace, service management and security is of utmost importance. Ivanti integrates digital solutions so that businesses can worry less about things like automated help desk and cyber security and more about their employees and customers. For you and I, that means more help when we’re having a problem, and more peace of mind when it comes to keeping information private and secure.

Ivanti started with the combination of LANDESK and HEAT Software, both of which were developed from a combination of other companies. This unique style of building Ivanti into what it is today has brought a diverse culture to the business, and has allowed many seasoned professionals to work together. Recently, tech veteran Jim Schaper joined the Ivanti team as CEO.


With over 30 years in the industry, Schaper brings know how, but he also brings a fresh excitement to Ivanti. Schaper has a long list of successful roles in many categories, with some of his most important roles in what he calls “non-operating roles”. Through these positions, he has been able to see and experience what makes a company successful, and in contrast what kinds of things bring a company down.

“Ivanti really piqued my interest from day one,” said Schaper, “I love the markets we’re in- they’re growth oriented markets. We’ve got great products that we’ll enhance and make even better. Our best years are ahead of us, and I think you’ll find that we’re going to continue to grow and we’ve got a lot going on internally to allow that to happen.”

Ivanti has also added a few more members to their management team, including Jeff Abbott, Michael McClellan, Mary Trick, Angie Gunter, John Flavin, and Mark Chamberlain. “Each member of our new management team has successfully and directly contributed to the growth of other thriving, global enterprise software companies that drove innovation in their respective industries,” said Schaper in a recent press release. “Additionally, each has extensive experience in acquiring and integrating complementary software companies and solutions. This team will help our employees and partners unify and streamline our customers’ IT processes.”

Schaper’s focus is in helping customers become more productive with Ivanti’s products, as well as to drive long term value with the money customers invest. Schaper’s view going forward is on employee and customer success, which he views as absolutely critical. The Salt Lake City office will be moving to a new location where employees will have room to work and grow. With great amenities like a gym, modern workspaces, and access to the Frontrunner train, Ivanti has made sure to put employee comfort at the forefront.

To learn more about Ivanti visit ivanti.com.

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