Juniper Systems Releases the Mesa Pro Rugged Tablet, A Game-Changer for Rugged Computing

Logan-based Juniper Systems has unveiled the highly-anticipated Mesa Pro Rugged Tablet, a groundbreaking addition to their line-up that features a remarkable IP68 rating for superior ingress protection. The Mesa Pro tablet sets a new standard in rugged devices as the pioneering IP68-rated tablet incorporates an active cooling fan for enhanced processor performance.

In the electronics industry, Ingress Protection (IP) ratings play a crucial role in assessing a device's resistance to solids and liquids infiltrating its internal components. With an IP68 rating, the Mesa Pro tablet provides the highest level of protection against solids–like dust, sand, and rocks–as well as liquids encompassing drips, sprays, and even submersion. Notably, the Mesa Pro tablet can endure submersion at a depth of one meter for up to 45 minutes.

Equipped with 11th Generation Intel Core™ processors and running on the Microsoft Windows 11 operating system, the Mesa Pro tablet offers users device customization options, a large sunlight-readable display, and Juniper Rugged design standards.

Said Darren Hellstern, the Mesa Pro product manager at Juniper Systems, "This is a big moment for Juniper Systems. We have a long history of offering IP68 on our rugged products. A lot of time and hard work has gone into securing the rating for Mesa Pro. Achieving this rating of ingress protection against water and dust in a tablet with a fan is an engineering challenge. Our team was up for that challenge and delivered for our customers."

Hellstern emphasized the Mesa Pro tablet's versatility, presenting it as a robust alternative to laptops and tailored for users seeking a durable computing solution that meets rigorous work demands. The tablet caters to both office and field-based tasks, embodying the necessary features for mobile workers in a rugged environment, and finds its ideal application in industries such as construction, utility mapping, manufacturing, field service, geomatics, and mining. Its adaptability extends to mounted and in-cab solutions, making it suitable for diverse environments.

With this new offering, Juniper Systems continues establishing itself as a leading manufacturer of ultra-rugged tablets, handheld computers, GPS receivers, mapping software, and field computing solutions. The company, started in 1993 and headquartered in Logan, employs over 190 individuals in its US and EMEA offices. The Mesa Pro tablet joins the ranks of the Mesa 3 family of 7-inch tablets as an IP68-certified device, aligning with Juniper Systems' mission of delivering robust computing and data collection solutions to mobile field workers across various industries.

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