Kolla Announces $3.4M Seed Round

Holla holla it's Kolla! (I had to, sorry folks) Draper, Utah-based SaaS/ipaas company Kolla has announced a seed round of $3.4 million led by a_capital with Elevation Capital participating.

Founded by Clint Berry - CEO, and Jason Newman- CTO, Kolla provides an Integration Marketplace as a Service, allowing software companies to solicit, manage, and list integrations in a way that grows the bottom line.

"My co-founder, Jason, and I are passionate about helping local businesses get the best software possible," says Clint. "Making software talk to other software through integrations is critical to allowing businesses to get the best software. Kolla is a means to an ends to help realize a vision where local businesses can share their data with all sorts of software companies in an easy way. This funding helps us achieve that vision."

Kolla creates new revenue streams by charging for access to your developer program, simplifies management of integration/third-party-app partners, and helps secure your data access for integrations. To learn more, visit getkolla.com

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