Minneapolis-Based Drip To Open New Office In SLC


On March 2, Timberwolves PG Jeff Teague hip-checked Jazz PG Ricky Rubio into oblivion and we all assumed the new rift between Minneapolis and Salt Lake City would never be mended. Amidst the chaos, Jae Crowder got in a verbal spat with Wolves coach Tom Thibodeau before taking the beef to its logical destination: Twitter, where Crowder and Jimmy Butler took turns insulting one another in a public forum. It was a whole thing. I spent the entire night stirring a vat of chicken’s blood and casting jump-shot spells against Karl Anthony-Towns, that’s how angry I was at Minneapolis as a city.

On the bright side, time heals all wounds. Both teams have successfully made the playoffs and do you know what speeds up the healing process even more? When one city looks at another city, makes cow eyes, nibbles on their ear, and tells them they’d love to share a life together. That’s where we are today. Minneapolis-based Drip, the world’s first and only ECRM (an e-commerce specific CRM), is tearing down barriers of hate and replacing them with new of offices of love, agreeing to open a new location in Salt Lake City. New CTO Steve Brain will head the operation, bringing a wealth of experience to the Utah area as former VP of Engineering at Backcountry, CTO at InsideSales, and a leader of engineering and professional services at Qualtrics. The Minneapolis-SLC rift is over, let us join hands and celebrate the dawn of a new era.


“Building an ECRM that delights e-commerce retailers and their consumers equally is no small feat,” Drip CEO John Tedesco said in a statement. “With the addition of Steve to our team, we will leverage his rich experiences at some of the best e-commerce and SaaS brands in the world to make our ambitious vision a reality.”

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