Big things coming from Big League Utah and the ever-industrious Beehive State. The coalition designed to bring Major League Baseball to Salt Lake City announced yesterday that they, together with The Miller family and the Larry H. Miller Company, believe that we’re a “shovel-ready” site and ideal for the big leagues.

Big League Utah believes that Utah is a “Five-tool player” considering its aspects of growth, economy, location, state of sport, and quality of life, with those five tools still on the rise. Potential site locations and plans can be viewed at and propose a new MLB ballpark at the 100-acre Rocky Mountain Power District on Salt Lake City’s west side.


There are numerous reasons why Utah is ripe for Major League Baseball (MLB) including a robust economy, a strong sports-going public, and a family-friendly environment. We love our sports here in Utah, and according to Big League Utah we’re in the top three for NBA local TV ratings. We’ve got numerous successful youth sports programs, including the Junior Bees, as well as one of the longest running junior NBA programs, the Junior Jazz.

“Salt Lake City is distinctly ready to be Major League Baseball’s newest home. The infrastructure we already have in place – from our world-class international airport, to our robust public transit system, our hotel and hospitality sectors, and our arts, culture and entertainment community – make us a perfect fit for this evolution,” Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall said in yesterday’s press release.
The coalition is made up of former MLB baseball players, federal, state and local decision-makers, leaders in the community, and potential investors.

You can connect and show your support at To learn more about the Power District and the projected site for the new stadium, visit

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