Moises Lands $8.65 Million Funding Round To Help Musicians Everywhere

Some three years after its launch, Moises has been downloaded millions of times, becoming the world's top app for musicians in the process, while also being named the "Best Personal Growth App" of 2021 on Google Play.

Barely one year after announcing it had closed a $1.6 million seed round of funding, Salt Lake City-based Moises announced yesterday that it has landed $8.65 million in new funding.

This latest funding round was led by Cottonwood Heights, Utah-based Kickstart Fund and monashees. Other participants include Norwest Venture Partners, Valutia, Toba Capital, Alumni Ventures, and Goodwater Capital.

Moises logo downloaded from its website 23 August 2022.

Launched in 2019 as a MusicTech app, Moises is a freemium application currently available for smartphone, tablet, and desktop use.

As described in last year's news release,

"Moises offers musicians and producers a suite of artificial intelligence (AI) tools such as audio source separation, pitch/beats/chord detection, metronome, tempo changer, and mastering."

In the three years since its launch, the Moises app

  • Has been downloaded millions of times,
  • Became the world's top app for musicians in the process, and
  • It was named the "Best Personal Growth App" of 2021 on Google Play.
Graphic downloaded from the Moises website 23 August 2022.

According to CEO and Co-Founder, Geraldo Ramos,

"The new investment will help us continue to lead a new generation of creative AI technologies and become an essential service provider, not just for the musician community but the entire industry."
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