Nectar: Employee Perks and More

Whether you’re at a desk, out making sales calls, or meeting with clients, every job can have its share of monotony and discouragement. So how do you get motivated, feel validated, and stay happy in your work? This is where recognition, engagement, and employee perk platform Nectar comes in.

Nectar, formerly known as PerkNow, is a social platform that rewards employees, recognizes achievements, and provides a perk system where employees can select from numerous vendors. Nectar also provides interactive engagement surveys, where employees can answer pertinent questions and even participate in two-way anonymous messenger and customizable question sessions.

CEO Trevor Larsen entered the employee perk scene because of his own business ventures. His mobile car-detailing business was a good fit for companies that wanted to offer their employees performance rewards. After a while, Larsen noticed that some companies did well keeping up with employee perks, but most didn’t. After a bit of research, he found that the issue was communication. That got his wheels turning, and in 2017 the platform for PerkNow was born. After offering employee perks with PerkNow, Larsen knew there could be more. What he came up with was a totally interactive platform where employees could be recognized, not only by their boss, but by their coworkers, and also receive perks, take surveys, and interact with management and coworkers.

“Two in three employees don’t feel adequately recognized at work. With how much time and energy people invest in their jobs, it’s amazing how few of them feel valued. Most companies have the right intentions but lack the tools or resources to build an effective recognition program,” said Larsen in a recent press release.

What sets Nectar apart from other platforms on the market is their “freemium model” which offers the core product at a perpetually free price. From there, employers can upgrade based on their needs. Another factor is that Nectar is self-service, meaning companies can get their employees onboarded for free in less than 15 minutes, rather than days or weeks. One look at their user-friendly website and it’s clear that Nectar is a simple way to build positive interaction between employees. In companies where employees are geographically spread out, engagement can be difficult- it’s not practical to get everyone together and recognize employees for a job well done. Now with Nectar, coworkers can interact and recognize each other quickly and effectively.
With recent seed funding, Nectar is better than ever and ready to help companies bring unity and recognition back to the workplace. To learn more visit

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