NFT Membership Available At Larry H. Miller Megaplex Theatres

Larry H. Miller Megaplex Theatres is now offering an NFT membership that includes virtual and real life benefits. Movie fans looking for a unique cinematic experience? Look no further!

300 Larry H. Miller Megaplex NFTs are available to purchase with Ethereum. Benefits of the NFT membership include unlimited popcorn with a "bottomless" 235 oz. popcorn tub, early access to movie screenings, limited merchandise from films, and a place in the NFT community.

Individuals who purchase this NFT membership are also added to an exclusive community of other NFT membership members on Discord. This group will met together digitally to discuss films, Web3, and share announcements for upcoming movies and events.

“We’re excited to be on the leading edge of another industry innovation in the movie exhibition category,” said Blake Andersen, President of LHM Megaplex Theatres. “The LHM Megaplex NFT is specially designed for an elite level of movie lover and technology enthusiast.”

Visit for more information on how to become part of this exclusive group.

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