NOMATIC Travel Bag Raises $1.7M On Kickstarter

We were blown away by the support we received. It really exceeded all our expectations.

You know what I love? I love stuffing all my clothes, shoes, and toiletries in a duffle bag. I love praying that the airline won’t notice that the duffle bag is too large to fit in the airplane overhead bins. I love paying the $25 fee when the airline does notice and I’m forced to check my bag. I love arriving at my destination, unzipping my duffle bag and discovering that my shampoo leaked all over my suede ankle boots. I love that after changing out of my flying clothes, I have nowhere to put my dirty clothes except for back in my duffle bag. I love how this problem grows worse and worse as the days go by. I love the final few days of vacation when I can’t find my clean clothes through the pile of dirty. I love trying to shove everything back in my bag plus all the rad MY SISTER WENT TO CINCINNATI AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS T SHIRT t-shirts I probably got for my family members. I love the moment when I get to sit on my hotel bed and cry when I realize I’ve busted the zipper on my bag trying to fit everything. I love the entire luggage experience.


It’s the worst, right? The thought of packing and unpacking is enough to keep one from ever leaving their house. But wait, before you cancel your cruise, watch this:

I KNOW, RIGHT? It’s the bag that will solve every single last one of your problems, travel related and beyond. Which is probably why over 9,000 backers raised $1.7 million for NOMATIC’s Kickstarter campaign. “We were blown away by the support we received. It really exceeded all our expectations,” says NOMATIC cofounder Jon Richards.

“I’ve always wanted a bag that does all of this,” Richards says. And if anyone needs a good bag, it’s Richards, who does quite a bit of travelling. He and his cofounder Jacob Durham have, like all of us, felt the travel struggle. Unlike the rest of us, however, Richards and Durham did something to relieve the packing pain point.

“What we’ve been doing is taking the best ideas out there and put them all together in the most functional product we possibly can,” says Richards. “We took every feature and function that could add value and put it into one product.” Dang right, they did.

The NOMATIC team will use the $1.7 million to manufacture thousands of bags, many of which will ship to backers in February. Bags are available for presale on Indiegogo for $179. Indigogo backers not only get a bag at a $21 discount, but they also get one free add-on, such as the toiletry bag or vacuum bag.

“I think people like to feel like they’re a part of something bigger. By contributing early on, they feel like they’re part of the company,” Richards says. “We’re really excited to be able to give so many people a great deal on a great bag.”

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